Natural’s not in it.

People love to garden for a multitude of reasons. Sure it gives an excuse to visit the hardware store and the local nurseries, and pinch bits of plants from neighbours' gardens. But also it gives us a reason to be outside; we love to feel the sun on our backs and the warm soil between … Continue reading Natural’s not in it.

This Farming Man

There are a lot of problems with industrialised farming; over-use of chemicals, unsustainable reliance on mined or manufactured fertiliser, habitat destruction and soil erosion. This is to name just a few of the most serious issues facing food producers. There are at least as many solutions offered by proponents of alternative methods of farming, and … Continue reading This Farming Man

Mystery, Magic, and Manure: Organic vs Conventional gardening

The vast majority of fresh food sold in Australia is produced by "conventional" farms, orchards and market gardens. This terminology has no official meaning, but has been used by alternative farming methods to distinguish themselves from the mainstream of food production. The alternatives to conventional agriculture and horticulture may be loosely called "organic", but there … Continue reading Mystery, Magic, and Manure: Organic vs Conventional gardening