You can grow your own way

Last week I installed a window garden/orchard for (f)routeland travel bureau in the Docklands in Melbourne with financial support from the City of Melbourne through Green Renters. The city is keen to see alternative uses for the underused spaces at Docklands, and encourage city residents and businesses to garden in whatever space is available. Perhaps … Continue reading You can grow your own way

They built this garden for us!

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne was established in the 19th century in part as a proving ground for plants from other parts of the world to evaluate how well they would respond to local conditions in Victoria. Since opening in 1846, the predominantly English garden tradition that shaped the early planting in the garden … Continue reading They built this garden for us!

Grow more pot(s)

Back in the 1990s, I heard a spoken word piece by Jello Biafra, formerly of the musical combo "Dead Kennedies". His speech was heartfelt, and pointed out the political agenda behind the legal status of Cannabis sativa in the United States and most of the Western World, especially trading partners of the US. Much of … Continue reading Grow more pot(s)

A place in the sun: You conduit!

I know, it's September, and I haven't put up a planting list. Why? Because last year's list is still applicable! I have also been busy building in the backyard. After a brief flirtation with a temporary greenhouse, I was unimpressed by the shortcomings of the design, or lack thereof. It was a poor use of … Continue reading A place in the sun: You conduit!