You can grow your own way

Last week I installed a window garden/orchard for (f)routeland travel bureau in the Docklands in Melbourne with financial support from the City of Melbourne through Green Renters. The city is keen to see alternative uses for the underused spaces at Docklands, and encourage city residents and businesses to garden in whatever space is available. Perhaps … Continue reading You can grow your own way

Monsanto clause is coming to town?

Many of you have probably never heard of HR 933, but it has been the cause of a lot of consternation among farmers, environmentalists and people with a vested interest in food and where it comes from. HR 933: (Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013) is a bill that passed through the US house … Continue reading Monsanto clause is coming to town?

This Farming Man

There are a lot of problems with industrialised farming; over-use of chemicals, unsustainable reliance on mined or manufactured fertiliser, habitat destruction and soil erosion. This is to name just a few of the most serious issues facing food producers. There are at least as many solutions offered by proponents of alternative methods of farming, and … Continue reading This Farming Man