Natural’s not in it.

People love to garden for a multitude of reasons. Sure it gives an excuse to visit the hardware store and the local nurseries, and pinch bits of plants from neighbours' gardens. But also it gives us a reason to be outside; we love to feel the sun on our backs and the warm soil between … Continue reading Natural’s not in it.

They built this garden for us!

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne was established in the 19th century in part as a proving ground for plants from other parts of the world to evaluate how well they would respond to local conditions in Victoria. Since opening in 1846, the predominantly English garden tradition that shaped the early planting in the garden … Continue reading They built this garden for us!

When the river runs dry

I have mentioned before that even if every bit of an average urban garden was planted with food, it would still not produce enough food to sustain a family. Things like staples, the carbohydrates we eat in larger quantities as the bulk of most peoples' diet, are required in volumes unreasonable to produce on a … Continue reading When the river runs dry